Time Building

Time Building

Time Building Packages   

We offer our Clients and Students several Time-Building-Packages.

for example

Students have to have to start the 

  • IR training - 50 h of Solo Cross County time
  • ME - Students need 70 h of PIC time
  • CPL Students need 100 h of Pilot in Command time

to start their training

Jerez provides the perfect situation to build up flying hours

  • best weather in Europe all over the year
  • low air traffic in southern Spain
  • easy navigation

We can provide a large fleet of Aircraft's for your flying hours

  • Cessna 150
  • Cessna 172
  • PA 28 

for very reasonable prices within different packages

We can provide you with a Safety Pilot if you like.

And we will give you when flying with us in Jerez:

  • a extended Briefing for the Airport and Area
  • Briefing for the routes you like to fly
  • and familiarization with the Aircraft you like to fly.

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