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General Information, rental conditions – FIS-ATO-Europe SL

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Please have a look at our website, and at the Pilot briefing we send you with the confirmation of the booking ‚(the contend is part of the contract you agree to..) and take a copy of the Airport location in Jerez with you, which will show you how to find our office. Please bring your Passport with you and Please send us also a copy when sending this confirmation. 


Please bring your credit card with you, and make sure that the card has enough coverage for the insurance deposit

Our SEP planes have an Insurance Excess of 2500.- Euro of the hull insurance. The relevant amount of Euros will be taken on your credit card as a deposit. We will keep this to the end of the rental/flying/training period. Without this, there will be no flying and this will be treated like a cancellation. If there is any damage to the aircraft, which is deemed the responsibility of the renter, we will retain the deposit as insurance excess. In the event of an outstanding balance of the client, we reserve the right to us, to settle the account using the credit card details provided and the deposit of the insurance. If the account is clear at the time of departure and there is no damage to the aircraft, then the deposit will be handed back to the client. 

Costs and Billing 

The annual Customer-Service-Fee is 50.- Euros.

this includes to use the office facilities for Pilot-Self-Briefing, FlightPlan Fax Service, approach charts printouts, Pilot info Service - Notams,  and all the small things and services from out staff beside the booked services... to make your stay a pleasant one with us. 

All Services have to be part of this agreement/booking - all agreements have to be made in writing. All prices on this booking form are for this stated booking period only. The published prices on our web site are only examples and they can differ to this booking. The billing of all the flying hours is on block time. Required extended briefing for the Student/Pilot over 15 min/ flight will be charged as Ground School. At the start of all flying with us, there has to be a down payment on your account. 

The customer has the obligation to keep his "Flying Account" in positive. Without credit (positive account) there will be no flying and can lead to a cancellation of the booking. The final payment will always be based on the actual service what the client received or booked, or on the package or service of the booking as on  the contract content. 

The rental price for the aircraft is based on the fuel prices at the time of booking. If there is an increase of the fuel cost on the day of your AC rental (more than 5 cents/litre) we will add this to the hourly rental cost of the aircraft. 

Landing fees in Jerez will be about 12,5€ for training, on our small AP about 6.-€ for an aircraft up to 2000kg. There are also fees for Airport transition flying from A to B according the AENA price list about 3-12€ per leg. 

Parking fee on airports outside of Jerez, 18,5.-€ /day up to 1500 kg and 25.5€ up to 2500kg TTW. Private Flights will have higher landing fees, from 15.-€ upwards, depending of the category of the airport. For solo supervised instruction flights the FI fee is always applicable. 


For reservation it is mandatory that we will receive this document signed with all details (including the credit card details) and the required down payment transferred to our account, or by paid by Credit Card. Only after that, the booking will be activated and confirmed. All offers sent out will have a maximum validity period of 6 days.

In case of any problem with the aircraft that you are booked on, we will offer you another available aircraft. FIS-ATO-Europe SL will charge the cost in relation to our actual price list for the actual plane you are flying. 

Refilling of AC outside of our red of fuel distribution, like Granada, we will refund only 1,3€/l, see the list of the red in the office.

Flying to Morocco and Portugal  or other countries you need a special permit of FIS-ATO-Europe SL. Fuel prices outside of Spain will different, and rental prices will be different.

Obligation of the Client / Pilot are:

to read and to follow the Pilot Briefing, POH of the Aircraft,

Special regulations of AIP-Spain, this general conditions and the advices of our staff. Violation of this obligations can lead to an immediate cancelation, with the consequence of cancellation fees..

Online payments

All Services of Fly-in-Spain will need to get a written confirmation form Fly-in -Spain.

Payment only will not establish a contract. All Services need to have a written agreement based on a signed Booking and a confirmation of the Booking from Fly-in-Spain.

Online Booking 

In any case Fly-in-Spain will send out a Booking form for the required service for the client.

If the client pays the downpayment over our online payment system, for the booking he received, this we will take this as a booking confirmation from the client.

by accepting the general conditions on the payment the client will accept the general conditions for the booking he has received. (in any case, the client has to mention the following details on the payment comment:

  • booked service
  • starting date
  • ending date

When we have received the online payment for a booking, we will finalise the booking with a written confirmation in an e-mail.

           please be aware - without written confirmation, the service is not  booked and will not be active!

Cancellation of bookings

30 days before the rental period, we will charge only an administration fee of 250.-€ per aircraft booked. From the 29th day on we will charge 50€ for a single engine aircraft, 100€ for the Twin, per flying or training hour booked, and 25€ per hour for the hours booked with instructor. This is also applicable for the booking during the training and renting, if a customer is not flying or missing his booked and agreed hours. 

Packages booking will have no refund, even if the customer is not flying all the hours. If it was for weather reasons and not his fault, he can come back and do the missing hours later. 

Online training does not have a cancelation, once the CBT system is activated for the client, there will be no cancellation of this service an now refound.

Orders of Books an training kit´s, do not have the possibility of cancellation, once the booking is activated by the payment, no cancellation and no refund will be possible.

Customers not following the rules of the flying-order or the required training obligations according the ATO manuales, or missing booked hours, the contract can be cancelled by the ATO  and this will be charged as cancellation. 

Money transfer: You can transfer the money to our account or we can take it from your credit card. 

Bank transfer to: 

FIS-ATO-Europe SL.

Banco: LaCaixa - 11150 Vejer de la Frontera, Spain 

Account: 2100 2674 0602 1013 6191

IBAN: ES22 2100 2674 0602 1013 6191



The cost stated above in the confirmation does not include the cost of money transfer (which have to be paid by the client). There is 3% of additional cost when you pay with credit card and debit cards. 

See you soon, the Fly-in-Spain Team                                              6-2016