About Us

FIS - Group

The Fly-in-Spain GROUP is an association of partners to provide an optimal, integrated service to realize all necessary service for Flying and Flight Training for our European and Worldwide Customers

The FIS-Group has a full German Management in cooperation with an Austrian and UK management for the Flight Training.

All based on the Rules of EASA what is the today rule making organisation in Europe for 

  • Flight Training
  • Crew Management
  • Staff Management
  • Maintenance Management

All Partner of the FIS-Group providing Services based and controlled on the regulation of the EASA.

Annual Audits of the national Authorizes (based on the EASA regulation) ensuring to keep the requested high level.

Our Aim:

to provide highest Standard, for affordable pricing to our Clients.

To cover the complexity of the requirements in all areas, the association of the different services provides today the only possibility to keep the high level for reasonable cost.

The 13 years history with a continually and successful  crowing business together with our partners proofs the system!